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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another Fucked Up Day

Its a bloody hot day again! And I drove back to my hostel around 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Settled myself up and drove again to fetch that dickface and asshole! lol! Then, we headed to Sunway Megamall for dinner.

I had a Whoffer Double Cheese Burger. Huge one! And its filling every single corner of my tummy. Delicious! We planned to catch a movie at first but yea, no nice movies availabled. Plan A spoiled... So, plan B! Not really a plan B though. We stood and started looking at people who were skating from upper floor. Argh we're fucked up! Ended up doing nothing at Sunway! Kindda wasted my time there cause I still have a lot of assignments to be done by next week. Hopefully I can handle it! Anyway, we then came out with plan C. IOI Mall!

We met up with another 'abang' and went for snocker. Pool! Yeah! Asshole and I were paired up against 'abang' and dickface! lol! My luck wasnt good that time, I missed lots of free shots. Still, we won the game! How? Asshole scored all the points of course! After pool, we went bowling. And I havent been playing bowling for ages, man. It sucked. The ball wasnt going into the path as I thought! By the way, I was in second place though with only 73 points. lol! 'Abang' won the game by having 126 points in total. That skinny asshole scored 60% of zero point which made him the last place. He is too skinny, couldnt even handle the balls. His own ball? I dont know.

Its 1.30 AM. We went back home. Cooked ourselves some awesome 'chicken rolls'. It was good. We then decided to watch a movie online. Its a nice movie though. No one talk. Just quietly enjoyed the movie. Indeed, everyone was watching it with their eyes closed! Argh! Another fucked up day! Yeah. But, I enjoyed. =)



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