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Friday, June 25, 2010

My Way

As Frank Sinatra I've lived
and will always live in my own way,
saving wisely forgotten,
sadness, disappointment and illusion.

I face my destiny without fear,
More than once I got hurt.
Although it never broke my strength,
I hurt the stones of the road.

Lost dreams and loves tissues,
with the faith that gives youth
I remember the love that are gone,
how sad lament of a lute.

With all my goals I've accomplished,
I could not ever say: I can not,
I have no fear because of the experience.
And if something unfinished is lost,
Today over the years: I do not care.

There was no mountain that I climb,
Regardless of the time and distance,
I melted all day, with the clear night
then lost in the distance.

I have deeply wounded heart,
by old and deep wounds.
For beings who have left and have left
a history of light in his departure.

Since I can not change life.
I prefer to sing and not to mourn,
On each canvas trying to shape,
everything not to mention callous.

I have only to ask,
I won a thousand battles,
I can only melt,
present and past
love in this heart

And I will continue living in Spring
no clouds to obscure the way
Frank Sinatra taking my destination
and live like him my way.

By Reyna Mora McLarnon.

Peace out.


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