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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dont Confuse Happiness with Fun

Happy people have lots of fun, but happiness and fun are not the same. Happiness is a lasting and stable state of being while fun is transitory. Fun pastimes bring pleasure for a while but the effect wears off once the activity ends.

To be happy, we dont need everything to be fun. Its necessary to undertake unpleasant tasks and put up with tedium from time to time. Some people have laboured in factories, lifted soaking bags of manure from a leaky barn onto a lorry, done mind-numbing office work and sold cleaning products door to door. All these jobs were unpleasant but tolerable because they know they are just stepping stones to a brighter future.

Many people are drawn into fun activities that distract them from our problems (like drinking excessively, drugs or unsafe sex, for example), only to find that they have made matters worse. Instead, focus your mind on what brings happiness and lay down the right causes. This is the way to find true happiness that endures.

Peace out.


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