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Monday, March 22, 2010

Fishing or Sex?

Four men went fishing. After an hour of sitting on the riverbank, one said,

'You wont believe what I had to do to get permission to come away fishing this weekend. I had to promise my wife that next week I'd redecorate every room in the house!'

The second man said,

'Thats nothing! I had to promise my wife I'd tuft the whole of the back garden and build swings and a slide for the kids.'

Man number three smiled.

'You dont know when you are well off! he exclaimed. 'I had to promise my partner I'd renovate the whole of the kitchen for her and build a pergola in the garden!'

They continued to fish in silence. Then they realised the fourth man hadnt spoken.

'Hey Jerry!' said the first man. 'What did you have to do to be able to come away fishing?'

Jerry struggled casually.

'I just set my alarm for five thirty,' he said. 'When it went off, I turned it off, cuddled up to my wife and asked, 'Fishing or sex?' She turned over and said, 'Dont forget your jacket.''



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