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Sunday, February 14, 2010

CNY Gathering with an Unbelievable Ending

First day of Chinese New Year, aound 9:00 PM, a 'little' gathering was held by a group of secondary school friends at Station 1 Cafe, a home-feeling cafe with variety coffees, related beverages and live singing performance as well. We had ourselves settled around 4 combined tables - it'd be 5 or 6 if some of them could make it. We ordered and I had a glass of greenish-looking Apple Lemonade and Gong Pou Kai Ting Chop Rice. The rice come with a cut-into-pieces chicken chop with black pepper sauce, a so-called title 'Kai Ting Chop' - 'Ting' means pieces I suppose. The food was nice by the way.

We had our chit-chat session, but those women owned it - from head to toes; from women to men; from Britney to Obama. The infinite power of 'gossip women'. *lol* Those bored-looking drivers (refers to the guys obviously) had themselves a deck of poker card to kill time. 11:45 PM, we're done and heading to the next station - Irene's house.

Once there, had ourselves a place to sit around a round table and started to gamble of course! However, home-gambling with money involved is illegal. Somemore those cops are hyper active during Chinese New Year searching for free 'ang pao' - red packets. Therefore, real money was temporary replaced by tokens - small chocolate packs! Blackjack 21 - the game which majority voted for. Person with highest chocolate packs was automatically selected to be dealer. How cruel was that... *sigh* I was, once became dealer. But I could scarcely hold on with my limited tokens. My hand was unlucky, hit soft 17 (less favorable hand for dealer) most of the time which its hard to deal with either to hit or stand in order to win.

Among us, whoever chosen to be dealer was most likely to lose except 1 person. With her slowpoked attitude, I thought I'd be able to balance my previous lost. But, sun suddenly rised from the west! Everything was out of expectation! 5 cards total with 21, she got! How rediculous was that! Not 1 time but severals. I mean the possibilities for a dealer to get such combination are ultra low. *sigh* We're eliminated 1 by 1 by losing all our chocolate packs. I was the fourth one kicked out from the game. *lol* At the end of the day, she won all - all our chocolate packs! I lost 5 bucks. Really, unbelievable.



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