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Friday, February 5, 2010

What More Could I Have Done?

The river had burst its banks and flooded the town. The family had little choice but to move upstairs. That morning, they heard a voice. They looked out of the bedroom window. A man in a rowing boat was beckoning: 'Come, quickly, climb in.'

'Thank you,' said the parents, 'but thats alright. God will save us.'

The boat moved on. The flood water continued to rise and had almost reached the window when a motor launch appeared. 'Climb in,' called the pilot, 'Ill take you to safety.'

'Thats OK.' said the parents, 'but we trust in God. He will save us.' The launch left, and the water continued to rise. The family was climbed onto the roof.

A helicopter appeared. A voice called, 'We're letting down a harness, attach it to yourselves and we will haul you up.'

'No thanks,' said the parents, 'If its God's will, He will save us.' The helicopter flew off; the family drowned.

When they arrived at the gates of heaven, they were greeted by God. 'We believed in you; why didnt you save us?' they asked.

'I sent a rowing boat, a motor launch and a helicopter,' replied God. 'What else more could I have done?'



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