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Monday, February 15, 2010

A Healthy Attitude Towards Money

Its Chinese New Year, red packets are given and received among families, relatives, neighbours and friends. It doesnt matter how much money a red packet contents, but how many you could get. Since it symbolises bless and good fortune; the more you get, the more prosperous you are.

Money has energy. It is a symbol of what natural resources and human ingenuity can produce to satisfy our wants and needs. Money is a means to an end, a lubricant which smoothes the flow of goods and services. There's plenty of it in the world, and its available to everyone who is can use their imagination and think and act for themselves. Money is a good servant but a very poor master. Cultivate a healthy attitude towards it, attract it into your life and put it to good use. If you received red packet with one million bucks in it, how would you spend it? If you dont know, then why would you want it? There's no point in having it unless it is used well.

Money in itself is useless; it has no value unless put to good use. Hoarding it cuts off the flow, so keep it circulating. Turn it into people helping others and doing and making things so they too can be prosperous and happy. Prosperity comes through you, not from you. Only the barries in your own consciousness can prevent it flowing as it should. Therefore, make good use of your red packet money you get; let it flow. When it flows, everything is as it should be and works out for the best.



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