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Thursday, February 11, 2010


We communicate with our inner psyche in our sleep, through dreams, when the waking mind shuts down. It is a good idea to keep a 'dream diary' since dreams reveal our deepest thoughts and offer intuitive guidance.

Similary with daydreaming. Next time you catch yourself daydreaming, dont feel guilty - enjoy it. Daydreaming is good for you. The brain has a kind of 'screensaver' that automatically kicks in when the mind is idling. If our activities and surroundings are not sufficiently stimulating to maintain our interest, we get lost in our imagination. Daydreaming can sometimes result in useful ideas and is a perfectly healthy response to boring or routine activities.

Dreams unify the body, mind and spirit and provide you with insights about yourself and is a means for self exploration. When you understand your dreams you will have the ability to further understand and discover the true you.



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