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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mediumship and Clairvoyance

Mediums claim to communicate with the dead. Some of the messages they convey, apperantly from people who have passed on, are astonishing. But do these messages really come from the dead or is it trickery? Do they get the client to reveal things about themselves through finely turned observation and clever questioning then feed it back, as some would argue?

I believe its neither of these. Our minds reach out and affect each other at an energy level over time and distance. Somehow psychics are able to tune in to these mental energy fields. The totality of mental energy is not confined to the minds of people currently in a body, nor is it restricted by our notion of time, because in the quantum field, time can flow both forwards and backwards.

Mediums try to interpret the ideas and impressions they recieve in terms we can understand. We tend to project our limited understanding onto things and give them shape according to our beliefs and perceptual framework. Its much easier to visualise a person who has passed on as if they were still in their human form than to visualise a tiny fragment of energy field.

To hear the dead you have to listen very carefully. It comes as only a whisper in the air, but they're shouting as loud as they can.

Jonathan Cainer.



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