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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Racing Suit? Bikini?

Danica Patrick - the much-heralded and publicized and cursed-about-men female race car driver finally won her first race. Legions of women all over the earth were quoted in happy, feminist quotes about female power and female challenges and equal rights and equal abilities. Danica cried as she accepted her trophy and was photographed in all of her glory and joy. But the pictures that was most often seen the next day was Danica in a bikini. From her pages in Sport Illustrated's Annual Swimsuit Issue. In which she looked very very hot!

Now - we can all agree or disagree about that picture and its placement and why she took it and are women objectified and blah blah sexist blah - but the truth is if you ask most men if they are attracted to a woman who can drive faster than them you will get either a no or a big fat maybe. But if you ask most men if they mind a woman who looks like Danica does in a bathing suit beating their brains out on the track? The answer is - not at all! Especially if she's wearing the bikini while she drives. Hell - Ill sign up right now and ride shotgun. As a matter of fact - I wish there were a whole race of female race car drivers who drive like cheetahs on crack and looked fine in a swimsuit issue; I think the ratings would go through the roof! But that will never happen.



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