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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The term 'ego' is used in many ways. In psychoanalytic theory it is the part of the mind that controls the pleasure-seeking 'Id' and is restained by the conscience (the 'Superego'). We also hear people described as having 'a big ego', meaning they think too much of themselves. However, in the spiritual context, ego means the image of ourselves we like to present to the world - our idea of who we should be and who we should like others to think we are.

The ego is often well-defended. One of its functions is to conceal the supposely 'real' self with all its weakness and vulnerabilities. We attempt to compensate by trying to impress others and get angry or upset when we think someone has seen through the pretence.

The ego is a product of past programming and greatly susceptible to fear and self-doubt. It is a tiny part who we are, but it behaves as if it is the only part, like a wave thinking it is the ocean. Even thinking of ourselves as spiritual can be an ego trap if we think this makes us better than anyone else.



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