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Monday, February 1, 2010

Flow of Energy

We constantly give and recieve energy from each other. If we dont, we stagnate and die. Anything that blocks the flow of life-giving energy between us harms everyone concerned.

We give and recieve energy in many ways, such as:

Subconsciously - through our auras. Just being in the presence of an inspiring individual can energise.

Our thoughts have energy which carries to others.

Visually - even a glance has energy.

Auditorally - contrast the effect of a cruel remark with an admiring comment.

Kinesthetically - a gentle touch can work wonders.

When we are with others, we continually pick up their energy, as they do ours. We also have the capacity to sense others' energy feilds at a distance. Have you ever had a feeling that all is not well with someone you know who is far away? If so, you were probably picking up their energy field.



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