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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Ant In A Water Barrel

A man found an ant sheltering in a water barrel that a family relied on for its water. 'What are you doing in this water barrel?' shouted the man. He removed it and placed it on the ground in the hot sun. Thats intolerance.

Later, it crawled back into the barrel. A second person saw it and said, 'Its a hot day, even for ants. Stay as long as you wish.' Thats tolerance.

A third person smiled, said nothing, and instinctively fed it a handful of sugar. Thats love.

Which type of reactions would you be? We can perform a random act of kindness for anyone, anytime, anywhere. Pay for someone elses meal, carry their bag, let them go before we in a queue. A single thoughful act can change lives.

'You cant go a hundred yards in this world without seeing someone whose conditions you can make better.'

David Crosby.

Peace out.


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