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Sunday, January 3, 2010


I just finished a movie named 'A Love To Hide'. The story revolves around a gay male couple who must keep their love a secret for fear of persecution. Their lives are further complicated by the appearance of a young Jewish woman seeking refuge and the return of one of the men's brothers from prison. The resulting tale is one of love, trust, fear, and betrayal. The couple die at the end of the movie. Really sad and I almost cried. Why do people treat those gays and lesbians like one kind? Like the main actor Jean in the movie is forced to take a surgery (they cut off some parts of his brain) in order to erase the memories of love between Philippe and him. Because of that surgery, Jean die. And Jeans partner Philippe is reported committing suiside (actually some military men kill him and throw him off from the building). Thats so cruel!

I mean it is love. Love, thats all they need, all of us need, we share our love through many ways, family, frieds, men, women, animals, living and non-living things. Different people choose different paths. Who actually cares? If you do, ask yourself why you do. People live, people die, in between we always search for what we want and what will make us happy. Love keep us happy although some would suffer about it, love fullfills our loneliness and washes away all our sadness. Love is like the candle light in the dark, trying to light up every single candle, trying to reach as far as it could to brighthen up every dark corner, it gives us hope as well. Isnt it amazing? For me it is. I know people nowadays are quite open with the homosexual issue, but still, some people are trying to deny it. Besides, it is just love, purely love, whats the big deal? They only use different paths to share their love. So, deal with it. And start sharing our love with them, eventually they will share theirs.

Really, love is what makes a family. And thats really it.



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