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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Approval-Seeking Behaviour

I used to concern who others even my parent expected me to be. But then, I started to realise, to whom I needed myself to be. Not others, simply me. Its perfectly nature to want to be liked and accepted, but it becomes a problem if we constantly edit ourselves to win others approval. Approval-seeking behaviour has some short term benefits like it can help avoid arguments but has long term consequences. We are unlikely to feel good about ourselves if we continually pander to others.

Concern ourselves less with other people's opinions. Others dont necessarily see things our way or know whats best for us. Make our own decisions and honour our own values. Others expectations are not our concern. We didnt create them, and we dont own them. If they dont like what we do, thats their problem.

Strangely, many of us are obsessed with trying to make sure we behave in a manner we think our fellow human beings find acceptable. We dont have to follow suit. Value our uniqueness. When we live our own truth, the sense of freedom is invigorating.



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