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Sunday, January 17, 2010


'I promise Ill...'. We sometimes do make promises with others. But, do we expect the outcome will be exactly same with the promise which we have made? Perhaps, we will never know. Dont make promises that we cant keep in the present. Once a promise is made, keep it, but only make promises we can honour in the present, the only moment over which we have any control. Other promises may limit our options in the future, causing us to feel trapped. We cant know now how we will see things in the future, when we have grown in awareness. Instead, keep our mind open and receptive to the stream of present moment that await us.

Avoid phrases such as, 'Ill always...', 'Ill never...', And , 'as long as I live Ill...' Circumstances change, and so do people. How can we know that will be best in ten years time, or even next year or next month? Be present.

Ciao, Ricky.


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