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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Busy Mind

Just as when a lake is still it reflects the surrounding beauty of hill and sky, so also does our mind when perfectly calm reflects the beauty, harmony, perfection and order of Divine.

When we become completely still, our mind becomes attuned to the Infinite Mind, after which nothing else matters.

Henry Thomas Hamblin

The busy mind may be compared to a muddy pond. When agitated, mud rises from the bottom, the water becomes cloudy and light barely penetrates beneath the surface. When the pond still, the mud settles, the sun shines through and the pond becomes visible right to the bottom. Similary, when we think too much, mind twisted, run out of ideas, are like overeating. It brings a kind of mental indigestion which creates needless anxiety and stress. Compared to a busy mind, we prefer our mind to stay still and calm. Let the thoughts settle down. Then we are receptive to an inflow of spiritual energy which inspires. Here is my basic idea of relaxing the busy mind. Before you start, put away whatever things that you are doing, settle yourself in a comfort zone (any where as long as you feel its comfortable), put your headphone on (preferable), take a deep breath, close your eyes and start listening. Enjoy.

PS - Pause the background music before you start.

Peace & Love


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