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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Blog, New Life.

Happy New Year! Actually, Ive been thinking to start my own blog for ages but I dunno when and where to begin. Its quite confused (as always) for me to choose a right path cause Im a very picky person. Before this, I did open accounts on Friendster and Myspace but I deactivated them. Reasons? I didnt have time to manage them at that moment. Facebook is very popular now as far as I know. I tried to explore and it just didnt suit me (sorry Facebook) So, I end it up here, Blogger.

Sometimes, people do ask me why I didnt create a blog from the beginning to update the stuff that my friends wanted to know. Ermm, I just didnt feel right to start. Over a couple of months, it was the toughest time for me to get over it. All the stress, depression, confusion and the choices which I had to make. Maybe people see me as a well grown up person and live with a happy life. Unfortunately not. At that time, I felt like a patient with a broken leg and a broken crutch. Everything was on my own. Nothing went exactly as my mind though. I was alone. Then, all those sad memories started to get in. Those 13 years of unhappy childhood that I had. And I suffered for 7 monthes. It was painful. I didnt tell anyone about this even my family members. I didnt want them to worry about me. So, I kept it well.

I spent time thinking, just pure thinking why I become like this... What is wrong with me... etc. And then something crossed my mind. It sounds crazy but my mind spoke to me. ''Hey, you cant be like this for the rest of your life.'' Then, I realised, yes, I still have a lot of stuff need to do. I still young not an elderly person that waiting to die. So, I got myself up and thinking again. But this time not the negative things. I asked myself, what do I need now? What I need to do to make me feel happy? And I wanna do the things that I enjoy the most and happy. Thats why I left my original course, medicine. And choose arts. Art let me express myself. I like to take photographs although my skills are not so good like those experts. I like to draw, to draw my feelings and emotions, to draw things that hit my mind. And I feel better this way. Free and happy.

Here I am, taking the course of graphic design and technology. In these coming years, I wish that I can successfully finish my course and start travelling. Well, it is not just a wish. Ill accomplish it. Maybe, some of you will think it is too late. Hey, you know what, its never late than ever. Thats all from me for my very first post. Sorry for my grammer mistakes. Have a nice day.

Peace out.


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