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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Heaven and Hell

A mighty king asked a learned philosopher to explain the meaning of heaven and hell.

'You!' replied the philosopher with an angry tone, 'do you really expect me to be able to explain something so profound to a stupid, power-crazy, self-centred fool like you?'

The king was incensed. 'Why you...' he exploded with rage, 'I could have you executed for this, how dare you, you...!'

'That', said the philosopher, smiling, 'is hell.'

The king took a deep breath and prostrated himself. He thanked the philosopher for his wisdom. 'And that,' said the latter smiling, 'is heaven.'

Legend has it the king instantly became enlightened.

What is heaven? What is hell then? We are responsible for our own heaven and hell. We create them by the way we think and act. When we align our thoughts with the highest ideas, tension is released and we feel good. The body is flooded with natural opiates, endorphins, which are one hundred times stronger than morphine. This is heaven. On the other hand, when we fill our minds with negative thoughts, we lose touch with creative intelligence, tension rises, the bloodstream is flooded with stress hormones (cortisol and adrenalin), digestion suffers, muscles tighten and we feel bad. This is hell. If you frequently find yourself in the hell state, examine your state of conciousness. What you are resisting? What adjustments must you make? For the heaven to be, good luck. Peace and love.



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