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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Power to Choose

Life is like a water molecule in a grown up tree. It starts to travel from the roots toward the very end of the leafs to be evaporated. During the process, there are tons of obsticles which they have to go through. The most obvious one is choosing the right path. There are plenty of  brunches to choose from, some will lead them to the leafs to perform evaporation but some wont. In our life, we always reach a point that we have to make a choice. Choices between foods, fency sport cars, courses, cellphones...etc. I do, sometimes I just get fustrated because there are too many choices! And end it up mindless. Anyway, when you think about it, what exactly control us and enpower us to choose?

Everything starts from choices. Choices imply consciousness. Without it we have no choice. Choice begins the moment when we disidentify from the mind and its conditioned patterns, the moment we become present. Confusing? Have a look at this example, Im heading to Shushi King for dinner. I settle myself near the moving table for the dishes. Although there are many to choose from, but I always grap the similar one that I have before. Even it is similar, at least it is familiar. The mind, conditioned as it is by the past, always seeks to recreate what it knows and is familiar with. You see, the mind always adheres to the known. The unknown is dangerous because it has no control over it. Thats why the mind dislikes and ignores the present moment and heads for the past. Present moment awareness creates a gap in the stream of mind. Therefore, nothing truly new and creative can come into this world except through that gap, that clear space of infinite possibility. From now on, choose wisely, differently and conciousnessly.

Love Ricky.


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