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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Life Is Impermanent

The universe is constantly in a state of change. The only certainty in life is uncertainty. Nothing lasts forever, yet we humans waste a great deal of energy fearing and resisting change.

Change is constant. People and things come into our lives then leave. Some changes are necessary; others inevitable. Resistance is futile and brings only suffering. We find peace only when we embrace uncertainty and welcome change. Flexibility is not weakness, but strenght, which is why a tree which sways in the storm is the most likely to survive.

I have no idea what changes tomorrow will bring, or how my life will unfold. But I will move forward, with love, into the unknown with open arms and an open heart. So really, to grow we must be open to change. Evolution is beautiful — and seamless — when we open ourselves up to the universe. When the season is right, our dreams will blossom in such a way that it will exceed even our most beautiful fantasies.

Peace out.


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