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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Yet To Be Done

Today I continued to finish up my lovely blog. Ive been searching all those useful widgets and gargets to add on to my blog just now. Oh gosh! Guess what, there were plenty of them to choose from... music, videos, games, news, clocks... etc. At first, I thought the gargets needed to create by myself (actually they can be made but I dont have the skills yet) and I didnt know I can eventually get them from some websites. Pretty dumb huh... So, I started to choose which garget would be nice to put on my blog, 1 by 1, I tried. Argh! Some of the nice gargets that I selected didnt work! And those werent that nice for my blog worked! Its rediculous. I dunno why. Maybe it just reflects to the real world, people say that normal looking guys usually pair up with pretty girls and same goes for girls. Is this really true? For me, it is just a theory. No one actually is borned to be ugly looking. It is unique, I shall say. If you mention that that person is ugly looking. Then, how do you define a person with an ugly looking face? The answer is you cant. Get it? And lets see, what kind of face do I have? Hmm... an artistic face? Maybe. (ha ha ha)

Anyway, where was I just know? Oh, those rediculous gargets. After few hours of testing and experimenting, I finally fed up. Maybe, today wasnt the day to do the editing. Every single garget that I put, I just didnt feel right about it. Nevermind, I still have time to figure it out. No rushing. When the right time comes, everthing will work well.



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