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Monday, January 4, 2010


Just before heading out for dinner, I was stunned by this sunset appeared after a few minutes rain. The sky was seperated by 2 major colours, reddish orange and icy blue. I mean the contrast was huge. This kind of phenomena seldom appear at my hometown. Too bad, I was rushing for dinner and no time taking out my camera to capture that beautiful view. And ended it up using my phone camera to capture it. Luckily, the texture of the picture isnt that bad. Still can see where the little moon (right corner) is. From the photo, I see 2 elements are westling against each other, fire and water. Generally, fire and water do not mix. However, these two totally opposite elements are eventually merged, and resulting this artistic looking picture.

This picture reminds me one of the book that I read few months ago, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. It says there is no such things as good or bad but the higher good beyond them, or I shall say beyond hapiness and unhapiness, there is peace. People always (automatically) judge certain conditions to be good or bad. Example, if we are likely to judge a person, there are 2 possibilities we could see here, good or bad. From this judgement, we produce a gap between ourselves and the person. Whether it is a big gap or small, it doesnt matter. Then, the gaps would limit the possible things that could happen between us. Thats not cool. As conditions exist, they are neither good nor bad. They are as they are. And when we live in complete acceptance of them, there is no good or bad in our life anymore. I believe, there is only higher good, peace.

So, who are the good people and bad people in your life? Someone? Or no one? Anyway, enjoy the picture here. Hope that you could see the beautiful view that I saw.

Good night.


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