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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Real Happiness

Most of us think we know what makes us happy, but do we? We chase after money and status. We think these will do the trick, but if we knew what really makes us happy, we would crave a little. Why? Because happiness comes from within. I recieved an e-mail from an unknown company, titled 'Change your life forever!' It stated there, 'Win a new home, a car, a dream holiday... blah blah blah, and cash money too!' Well, if I won these handsome prizes, I probably would be happy. Wouldnt I? At first, maybe I would, possibly for a few months until my offered prizes ended. The effects would be temporary. Lets put another example here. If a car makes you happy, then you are happy for a reason. If you are happy for a reason, then you are actually miserable, because that reason can be taken away at any moment. Your car could be stolen. Your car could crash. If your reason is gone, so too is your happiness. That isnt real happiness.

So, what is real happiness? There is no way to happiness cause happiness is the way. If you believe that your happiness depends on getting to somewhere else or achieving your goals, you are wrong. When you have reach your destination, you will find out that after a short period of enjoyment, you are back where you started. Not happier than before and starting to search for new happiness. You see, the achievements take place in the future, but happiness can only exist in the present. Choose worthwhile goals and take pleasure from achieving them but dont allow your happiness to depend on achieving them. Instead, enjoy the process. If you succeed, great! If you dont, great! You have had fun trying, grown as a person and probably done some good along the way. Start enjoying every moment you are having now and be happy with it.

Peace out.


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