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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why are we here?

Sometimes I wonder, why am I here? What am I doing? Why are we living as a human being on this beautiful planet? In short we dont really know. We know the universe is orderly and expanding, has purpose and direction, and is presided over by an organising intelligence. So, where do we fit in? Why do fragments of spirit take human form? What contribution do we make to unfold the universe? Really, we cant see the whole picture at this stage in our evolution, but who knows, perhaps 1 day we will. We are like droplets in an ocean. How can a droplet possibly understand the purpose of the ocean?

As we are given birth, we are the unique gifts to the world. How are we going to make these gifts as valuable as they can be? Start by clarifying our life purposes. Have a vision of how the world could be and our parts in it. What is the big idea in our life, the theme that holds it all together? We are all aware of our purpose at some level, although it may be hidden in the depths of the subconscious waiting to be discovered. Look within. The biggest clues are our talents and our interests. If we are not clear about what these are, there is a third clue. What we were good at and most enjoyed as a child. When we express our purpose in our daily life, a great deal changes. We experience a greater feeling of fulfillment and well being. We have more energy. We feel more loving towards ourselves, others and the world.

'How does one seek union with God?'
'The harder you seek, the more distance you create between God and you.'
'So what does one do about distance?'
'Understand that it isnt there.'
'Does that mean that God and I are one?'
'Not one. Not two.'
'How is that possible?'
'The sun and its light, the ocean and the wave, the singer and his song - not one. Not two.'

Anthony de Mello

Peace out.


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