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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Self Acceptance

Self acceptance means acknowledging what you are - a spiritual being in human form - and respecting all aspects of yourself. Self acceptance does not mean giving up on yourself. If there is something you want to change, that can be changed and is worth changing, change it. Do it lovingly. Otherwise, joyfully make the most of what you have got! Knowing youself yet? Take a pen and paper and complete these statements :-

1. Ten things I like about myself right now are...
2. Five things that really mark me out as unique are...
3. Three things I often fail to notice or appreciate about myself are...
4. Three things about myself I wouldnt want to change...
5. The main reason Im glad Im me is...

Here is my result :-

1. - Im a human being with intelligence
    - Im greatful to be alive
    - I have family and friends
    - Im male
    - Im educated (thank you mum and dad)
    - I dont smoke
    - Im at peace
    - Im determined
    - Im free to be myself
    - I have internet connection :)

2. - Im the only Ricky Tan Shin Chuan in this world (hopefully, haha I dont know)
    - Im not talkative (dont know why...)
    - Im a good listener
    - I enjoy silence very much (especially during midnight)
    - I have crayon Shin Chan's eyebrows (people say so haha)

3. - Im who I am
    - I could be joyfull sometimes but I stepped back
    - I have love in myself

4. - determination that I have
    - enjoying silence
    - Im who I am

5. - being myself, living out my purpose and fulfilling my purpose to the universe.

How about yours? Hopefully, you will have fun doing it and find out more about yourself.



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