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Monday, January 18, 2010

Health is Wholeness

Health means wholeness in every aspect of our being, physical, mental, emotion and spiritual. The terms 'health', 'to heal' and 'holy' all come from ancient words meaning 'whole'. Health is spiritual condition. It has its origins in the invisible energy feild from which atoms are formed. Good health is a by-product of good habits, physical and mental. When we give our bodies what they need, including plenty of loving attention, we increase the flow of life giving energy. It is no accident that happy, positive, emotionally well balanced people tend to be healthier and live longer.

Mind and body are one. Doctors used to believe that they were seperated, but todays enlightened practitioners admit this was wrong and are changing their entire approach to medicine. The body is energy in vibration, and energy is weakened by wrong thinking, depression, fear, worry and enxiety, hatred, meanness and repressed emotions. Research shows conclusively that our thoughts can make us ill and keep us well.

The common cold is a good example of how the mind can weaken the immune system and make us more inclined to illness. Colds are generally believed to be caused by microbes, and that we are merely passive 'hosts' to these organisms. However, we have some control over whether the microbes actually take hold. In one experiment, volunteers gathered in a room were exposed to cold germs. Some became ill, while others stayed well. The researchers dicovered that those who resisted the germs were the happiest with their lives and belived they were responsible for themselves. Similar experiments have produced indentical results.

We have heard miracles happened when patients recovered from cancer, aids... etc. In fact, medicine is used only to cure our bodies, but not our mind. It is our responsibilities, to keep our mind healthy in order to achieve the wholeness of health.



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